Young Delegates Program

IFToMM Young Delegates Program

    1. Marta Zamorano Garzon
    2. Joshua Pickard
    3. Edorado Ida
    4. Gale Antonio Ahearn Cruz
    5. VR Shanmukhasundaram
    6. Dhananjay Yadav
    7. Osman Acar
    8. Andrei Holub
    9. Alexey Fomin
    10. Lewei Tang
    11. Filipe Marques
    12. Priyabrata Maharana
    13. Claudia Aide Gonzalez Cruz
    14. Paweł Pysz
    15. Hong Nguyen Nguyen
    16. Alexander Titov
    17. Margarita Lapteva
    18. Devarshi Pandey
    19. Mirja Rotzoll
    20. Alejandro Gómez-Vilanova

YDP_AppForm 2019

The purpose of the Young Delegates Program (YDP) is to provide assistance to young scientists and engineers so that they may participate in IFToMM technical conferences. Up to fifty percent of the total cost of registration fees, transportation, board and lodging if available, subject to a maximum of US$500, to participants who are not fully supported by their own institutions.
In order to be eligible for support, young scientists and engineers must normally be less than 36 years of age in the year of the conference, be in a country of the national or territorial organizations that are IFToMM members, and be engaged on work in the field of Machines and Mechanisms. The organizers for each conference or other event must request from the IFToMM Executive Council a certain number of YDP grants and associated budget, at least one year before the conference dates. Once approved by the Executive Council with budget conditions, the procedure for assigning the YDP grants will be handled by the event organizers. At the next Executive Council meeting, the event
organizers will report on all the YDP requests received, the use of the allocated YDP funds, the number of grants awarded, and the names and affiliation information of the recipients.
To apply for support, the YDP applicant must write a letter of request to the Chair of the specific IFToMM conference or other IFToMM sponsored event that they wish to attend. The letter must be received by the event Chair no less than four months prior to the conference and must include the following information in the YDP grant request form (that is enclosed as Appendix):

1. the name and date of the specific technical conference,
2. the reason for participation,
3. the source and amount of funds which will cover the costs not to be paid by IFToMM.

The letter of request must be accompanied by:

1. a curriculum vitae including date of birth,
2. a letter of recommendation from the Dean or senior person confirming that funds are not available from the home institution to fully support the event’s participation,
3. a budget estimate for the total expenses of the participant to attend the conference,
4. a letter of support from the Chair of the Member Organization to which the applicant works/studies.

Preferences for funding will be given to countries/territories that have a strong need, have not received prior grants under this program, and whose subscriptions are fully paid. Grants for a conference or other event will be allocated in advance of one year by the Executive Council upon request of the event’s Chair and budget availability. The Chair will coordinate with the IFToMM Treasurer the process for transferring the granted funds and submitting the corresponding report to the Treasurer after the sponsored event. Participants who are selected to receive support will be notified by the event Chair at least two months before the technical conference in order to allow adequate time to complete travel arrangements. The recipient’s name, affiliation, and event attended will be posted on the IFToMM website.