Special Sessions

Transportation Machinery: New Frontiers in Safety, Efficiency and Mobility


Transportation machinery systems of ground road/off-road, rail and air mediums of vehicle operation have been principally changing over several past decades due to autonomy, connectivity, electrification, and smart mobility, which expand research frontiers and require innovative approaches to vehicle dynamics, design and controls.

This session invites papers on advanced modeling, experimental research, design, controls and decision-making in intelligent physical multi-domain/body sub-systems of both individual vehicles and connected/V2x vehicles with zero to the fifth level of autonomy.

Topics include active and passive safety of individual and connected vehicles and vehicle sub-systems, innovative approaches to vehicle dynamics and decision-making and controls on vehicle motion and sub-system operation in road/off-road conditions, on rails and in the air.

Advanced research on new energy sub-systems of high efficiency and reliability in transportation machines of different mediums is welcome to this session. Innovative approaches to mobility on the ground (road/off-road/rail) and in the air are also invited.


Session co-Organizers and co-Chairs:

Dr. Mike Blundell

Dr. Anindya Deb

Dr. Massimiliano Gobbi

Dr. Mauri Haataja

Dr. Basilio Lenzo

Dr. Vladimir Vantsevich